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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why I'm writing this:

I can't really say that "My Little Pony Chronicles" is a new idea I had. I've had this story in mind for about ten years now.

My experience is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I saw the series on the Disney Channel during reruns in the 90s. Some episodes were actually good, and some...some are The Glass Princess, which was an abomination. Well, during the early 2000s, my sister got back into the show and started watching on the old VHS tapes she had recorded the whole thing (plus The Movie and Tales on). I watched many of them with her when I had nothing else to do, and noticed that a lot of the series had potential to be better.

So I started writing My Little Pony Chronicles, it originally featured just Bernard as the lord already in charge, as well as Frederick and Megan as the three party members. I abandoned it because the only real differences from the original Rescue at Midnight Castle that I made was including the two brothers and extending the journey to Tirac's lair by quite a bit. I always felt ashamed that I did, and the fic never quite faded away from my mind.

Then, nearly ten years later, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic premiered and I heard about it via TVTropes, and decided to check it out. Well, with my interest in the franchise resurrected, I looked back at the fanfiction I had started and decided to begin anew.

My Little Pony Chronicles, Book 1: is based loosely on the original Special, My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle, which premiered in 1984, also known as My Little Pony or Firefly's Adventure. Its actually a pretty kickass special, and I would recommend checking it out. Admittedly, its about ten minutes too short, at least. Frankly, I think Midnight Castle should have been the movie, instead. I kept the basical storyline intact: Tirac needs ponies to pull to his chariot and usher in The Night That Never Ends, has his unwilling slave Scorpan nab some, Firefly goes to get help, returns with help, ponies consult Moochic who gives them what they need, ponies and Megan to go Midnight Castle and kick Tirac's rump. The End.

The next special acted like the previous one never happened, save for a vague reference about how "The Rainbow of Light protects us". It pissed me off, so I am deliberately writing the story so that the entire continent of Eoland will stilll be feeling the punch of Tirac for years to come. Unlike in the series, where what happened previously will not only leave an impact, everything that happens will matter in some way in Chronicles.

As for how I'm adapting the second special, Escape from Catrina, I've decided to deviate from the original plot a lot more than I did with Rescue from Midnight Castle. I'm doing this partially because, well...I kind of already did the whole "Catrina seeks out slaves to make her witch weed potion" plot right in the middle of the Midnight Castle arc in Chronicles. So I'm making a whole new plot. It still has some shades of the original, but the focus is completely different.

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