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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chapter 1

My Little Pony
Book One:
Disclaimer: I don't own any My Little Pony intellectual properties. You can sue me Hasbro, but you can only squeeze so much from one Wal-Mart shelf stacker.

Author's Notes: This is my retelling of the entire 80s series, starting with Rescue from Midnight Castle and going all the way to the end and beyond. Basically, I'm going to tie all the ponies together. For examples, we're going to have ponies from the Rescue from Midnight Castle bunch in with members of the Escape from Catrina and TV show groups, so we'll have Firefly conversing with Wind Whistler and Sundance hanging with Shady so on and so forth.

Also, I'm reworking some of the mechanics of how Ponyland works. For one thing, I'm doing away with the name Ponyland and it will be called Eoland. "Eo" is an old word for "horse", which Tolkien used for the names of a couple of his characters, Eomer and Eowyn. Yeah, yeah, that means it's still technically named "horseland", but Eoland still sounds better than Ponyland in my opinion.

I'm dividing each story arc up into a different "Book", with this being the beginning. I don't want this mammoth being daunting to read. Also, this is my first fanfic, so please be gentle.

Chapter One:
A Shadow stirs
March 21st

Knock, knock, knock. The sounds of a knocker against a large, wooden door banged loud and clear.


The portal creaked and moaned as it was pushed open, revealing a goat-like humanoid figure that strode into the chamber. He took low, long strides down the dark carpet and then bowed before the throne. He head was lowered, something which he was thankful for, since it hid his contempt for the ruler he kneeled before.

"My forces have prepared and are ready to head out… …master."

"Very Good, Scorpan. Then launch at once. You know your orders?"

"Yes… master. My mission is to retrieve four specimens from among the Pastel Ponies of Dream Valley by the midnight of the Summer Solstice."

"Good. Now go."

"Yes… master."

With that, goatman stood, turned, and started to leave the throne room.


"Yes… master?"

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

The goatman clenched his fists for an instant, before kneeling down on a knee and bowing low before the figure sitting upon the throne again.

"Very good, now you may leave."

"Yes… master."

This time Scorpan was actually allowed to leave. The guards closed the door in his wake. After he had left, his 'master's' lips curled up in a smirk and a chuckle rumbled up from his throat.

"Hey, Scorpan! Can I come! Can I?"

"No, Spike. Not this time."

"Why not? How dangerous can getting a few Pastels be?"

"It is not that, Spike. It is… I just do not wish for you to be there. I do not want you to see this."

"Aw, but Scorpan…"

"No buts, Spike."

"…Yes, Scorpan.

"I will return."

Meanwhile, far, far to the South-West, across the Hellspire Mountains, across Crystal Desert, across the open plains, the Goblin's Forest, meadows, and some grassland, there lied Dream Valley, home to the Pastel Ponies. They lived in Dream Castle, their home in the valley.

The drawbridge of the castle opened and out galloped a crowd's worth of them. Spring was here and the snow was gone.

"I'm off to play volleyball," Gusty called.

"I'm going, too," Fizzy added.

"Thirded,' Firefly piped in. "But first for the double inside out loop."

"Not again," muttered Galaxy.

"Ahem," Wind whistler cut on. "Magic Star was something to say to you all."

"Huh," Came a collective reply.

"Thank you, Wind Whistler. Now, listen, all of you. We have to prepare for the Spring Dawning Festival. I've put together a little list of things we need to do to get ready, and divided you up into teams to get them done."

Using her horn's power, Magic Star held up several scrolls she had scribed, which she did also using her powers.

"Aw, man," came several complaints.

"Now, now, you have all of Spring and Summer to play, but for now, we have tradition to hold up."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, just tell us what we have to do," Gusty said, impatiently.

"Get with it, man. I'll have it done in a jiff," Firefly bragged.

"Very well," Magic Star replied. "These are the teams: Wind Whistler and Paradise will get the supplies for making the banner, and make it and set it up. Cupcake, Galaxy, Truly, Lickity-Split, Jerries Jubilee, and Cotton Candy will get the food ready for tomorrow. Applejack, Firefly, Medley, Twilight, Bowtie, and Whizzer, will set up the tables. Gusty, Fizzy, Lofty, Shady, Parasol, and Moondancer will set up the games. Surprise, Heartthrob, Buttons, and myself will set up the fireworks. Here is a special note to Surprise. You will not actually be setting off any fireworks this year due to what happened the last time you did. Everyone else not given a job is on standby in case someone needs an extra hoof."

Collective groans broke at the memory of last year's near massacre.

"What," Surprise asked, indignantly. "I just added a few touches of my own. That wasn't my fault."

"Yes, it was. You overloaded the stand and it tipped over…at us," Lickitysplit shot back.

"I didn't think my beautiful tail would ever grow back," Heart Throb added.

"…Or my apple orchards," Applejack put in.

"I thought I would spend the rest of my life in the medical ward after being burned so bad," Medley shuddered.

"Heh heh, point taken."

Gusty drew her team's scroll over to her with her unicorn power and opened it, reading the contents.

"Ah, man, did this list just get longer since last year. This'll take forever. Well, come on, guys, and might as well just get it done."

"What, oh this isn't so bad," Moondancer replied. "You're just exaggerating as usual, Gusty."

The ponies split off into their respective groups and got to work immediately.

"Hey, surprise, you okay," Firefly asked, observing a pouting Surprise.

"Yeah, I just kinda wanted to set off the fireworks again this year."

"Sorry, but a good charring and burning of everypony here will get ya hoofed. Well, I've got tables to set up. Seeya!"

"You could just ask for a second shot," Buttons suggested.

"Nah, I'm good. It's okay," Surprise replied. "Anyway, let's get to it! I wanna party! Party like its 1990!"

"Yeah, sure. 1990. Whatever.," Gusty shrugged. "Just don't have a cow when it takes forever, man."

So, the ponies went about their work, completely unaware to the approaching danger. Alas, the coming woes were shared by many. As lands far to the West, across the western mountains already knew what it was to fear Tirac. This lordship was called Dongard, a land under fire by the forces of Tirac.

In the throne room of the Castle Dongard, its lord David Giantsbane listened as his subjects gave their testimony of the invasion closely and with intent. David was a tall and broad shouldered man with reddish-brown hair that was showing signs of gray around the edges. His sharp green eyes displayed a high level of intelligent, augmented by his sharp features. He also wore the colors of his family, pale green, and his shoulders, their emblem, the triple Phoenix.
To his side, were his sons, Bernhard and Frederick. Both greatly resembled their father, both in appearances and current expressions, which were grim as they all listened. The main difference between brothers was their build. Bernard was more muscular, and Frederick more slight.

"Milord, Tirac's Dragon Men have invaded our borders from the North-West," said a burn, starved, and tired farmer. "They came in the dead of night. They… They killed everyone…"
With that, the farmer began to lose conscious. He had fled straight to the castle from the attack and was dead on his feet. He had delivered the dire news and then passed out. With a gesture, the man was carted off to have his wounds tended to.

"Milord," a guard said.

David stroked his beard with his hand as a thought.
"I will take a battalion of men to the Northwest border of the land and attempt to drive them off. My son, Bernard, you will lead the people in my stead."

"But father…"

"No buts, Bernard. I'm not getting any younger, and will someday be gone. You must lead our people if I do not return. To arms, my men!"

Bernard looked like he was still going to protest until David gave him a stern look. The younger man stuttered for an instant, but finally resigning and simply nodding. David nodded back and marched forth to army up with his troops

"Perhaps your son was right, milord. A young, strong commander would be a good for morale. After all, he spearheaded the previous Northern campaign just fine," said David's advisor.

"It's different this time. Tirac's forces did not hit us nearly as hard or ruthlessly then. Something is different. Tirac has always been a tyrant, but he has been even worse lately for some reason. I could not bear to send one of my sons out now."

"Very well, milord. If Tirac is intent on enslaving our people, there is a very good chance you will not return. You know this."

David sighed deeply as he pulled on a gauntlet.

"I know, Gilbert. I know. But there comes a time when your time has come. The only difference is being willing to step up."

Gilbert bowed his head respectfully.

"Gilbert, if I do not return…"

"I'll look after them both, milord."

"Thank you."

Bernard and Frederick watched as their met the troops out to lead Tirac's forces from the battlement.

"That should be me," Bernard muttered. "Dongard needs its lord right now, and I am the younger and more fit warrior."

"Dongard needs a lord. You are the heir, brother. If anything happens to father, you will lead our people. They will follow you. I will follow you," Frederick responded seriously.

Bernard met his brother's gaze.

"Ay. I know. I still don't have to like it."

Frederick patted his brother on the shoulder then headed back into the castle.

"Megan," Frederick called to the servant girl. "You could go fetch the Criers. We will need to inform the people that Tirac was come to our land at last."

"Oh yes, milord," the blonde girl bowed and was off at once. "I will return with them at once."

"Very good," Frederick nodded his acknowledgement.

Back with the ponies of Dream Castle, they were nearing completion of their preparations for the Spring Dawning Festival. All was going well, until attention turned to a sudden outburst from Gusty.

"Parasol, you dunderhead! We all told you to be careful while you did that," a paint-covered Gusty hollered up to a guilty-looking Parasol.

"Sorry," Parasol called down from her position at the top of the latter.
She had been helping to paint a pavilion when she accidentally dropped the paints on Gusty's head.

"Yeah, whatever, just be more careful next time, you klutz," the white unicorn huffed before stalking off to wash off.

"Sorry," Parasol called back again. "Really."
Either the grumbling unicorn did not hear or didn't acknowledge. Either way, she has likely to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

"Done and done," Paradise chimed.

The banner her and Wind Whistler had started work on was complete. "Spring Dawning Festival" was written in grass green, symbolizing the new Spring.

"It should suffice. While I consider it practical enough, I think the others might want some…" Wind Whistler started. "Perhaps, decorative imagery like tree with fresh leaves."

"You don't think they'll like it?"

"I think it's just fine, Paradise. I'm saying the other might want to be more festival."

"Yeah, you're right. I can paint the images. You don't paint much do you, though, Whistler?"

"Sorry, but I am not practiced in the artform."

"Alright, you can help set up tables while I put on some finishing touches, then."

"Would that really be alright to make you work on it alone?"

"Oh sure! I've got this. I'll call when it's time to set it up, Whistler."

"If you insist. You will know where to locate me if you require any assistance."

"Magic Star! Magic Star," Medley called while carrying an envelope in her teeth. "This just arrived by Pegasus Mail."

"Hmm? What is it, Medley?"

"Bad news, our entertainment cancelled on us. He won't be coming by. We'll have to find a replacement."

"Nightshade cancelled on us," Magic Star gasped, dropping the matches on the ground. "Why?"

"It's all here," Medley replied, setting the envelope down.

Using her telekinetic power to open it up and pull the letter out.

"Previous engagement; bigger audience awaiting…" Magic Star read aloud.

After reading the entire thing, she sighed.

"Alright, we'll just a replacement, but who can we get on short notice? We already set up the stage," Magic Star wondered.

"We could just ensemble our more musically inclined together to sing something," Medley suggested.

"It'll have to do. Get Masquerade to handle it. Theatricality is her domain, anyway."


With that, Medley was off.

"And try to keep it under wraps that Nightshade's not coming. I'll…"

"WHAT?" come hollers from all over.

"Nevermind," Magic Star muttered.

As the sun was setting down, the preparations were done at last.

"Yeah. Yeah, we did pretty good," Lickitysplit said while looking around and nodding approvingly.

"Do I still have paint in my mane," Gusty asked turning her head from side as Twilight gave it a good, long look.

"Not that I can see."

Parasol laughed guiltily.

"Good work, everyone," Magic Star. "We finished on time. We'll be able to hold the festival in the morning this year. Now everyone's free to spend the rest of today as they see fit. Dismissed."
With that, the ponies dispersed. Some went back into the castle to rest up, while other more rambunctious ones still remained outside.

"Let's go, guys," Bowtie called, leading a mob towards the lake.

"Wait for me. I'm coming, too," Ember ran after them.

"Hold on, wait up, Ember," Twilight dashed after the impetuous foal.

Bowtie leapt off a ledge at the narrow part of the lake and landed on the opposite bank. While Gusty and Fizzy had donned some roller-skates and followed after.

"I'm going for the inside out double inside out loop, Medley," Firefly told her friend as she flew off.

"No, wait. It's too dangerous Firefly."

"Danger's my life, Medley," Firefly called back and started flying loops through the air while dangerously close to the ground.

Ember galloped as fast as she could towards the same ledge that Bowtie, Gusty, and Fizzy was previously gone over.

'I'm gonna make it! I'm gonna make it. I'm just like the big ponies.'

"Whoa. Hold it right there," Twilight said, leaping into her path.

"Aw, I would have made it," Ember said, slowing stop.

"Oh, really?"

"Well, maybe."

"Uh-huh, well, daredevil little foals go play inside," Twilight said, nudging Ember in the direction of Dream Castle.

"And done," Applejack bucked the lat of the apples out of the tree. "Now we have enough for apple pie, apple fritters, apple dumplings, apple…"

"Watch out!"

"Apple watch out?"


"Apple sauce," Applejack finished, while facedown under Firefly with crushed apples surrounding the two.

"Oh, sorry. Were these the apples for the festival tomorrow, Applejack," Firefly nervously asked.

"No, I was just going to eat them all, myself. Now get off me."

"Heh heh," Firefly said, jumping off the yellow and tan earth pony.

Applejack got up and looked around. Her ears fell when she saw the collision left no fruit uncrushed and that she'd have to start over to get her stand ready for tomorrow.

"Hey, Firefly, I don't suppose you'd help gather some more apples… Firefly?"

The earth pony took notice that her friend was staring into the distance very intently.


"What are those?"

Applejack followed Firefly's gaze and noticed dozens of tiny figures on the horizon, flying in their direction.

"Hey, everypony! Take a look at that," Applejack shouted, pointing at the approaching things in the sky.

"Hmm?" Every one of the ponies turned their attentions to the coming specks.

"Gosh. What are those," Fizzy asked.

"…I don't like this," Gusty stated, starting to back up towards Dream Castle.

"Hey, everypony. Let's head back, just in case," Bowtie said, also starting back towards their home.

"What are those," Firefly muttered again.

She took off and headed in their direction.

"No! Stop! Firefly, don't go," Medley called after her friend, before reluctantly following after to assure her safety.

Medley pumped her wings hard, but Firefly was just too fast and had disappeared into the distance, only to reappear again.


"Dragonriders! Everypony run or fly for it," Firefly shouted zipping past Medley.

By this point, the things were close enough for Medley to identify them. Indeed, they were dragons. She turned tail and flew after Firefly, having no better luck than before of keeping up with her.

"There they are, men. Take what you need, but leave the rest unharmed," Scorpan ordered, and then reigned in his steed.

With a simple gesture, he ushered the others into a V-formation as they descended upon the fleeing ponies. With another, they dived down talons first, ready to grab some Pastels. One dove at Bowtie, who leapt out of the way and bucked him good in the head. This sent the dragon and rider off course just enough that they crashed into the ground. The rider screamed as the dragon rolled over on him, crushing him.

"Be ready to pull the gate shut as soon as they're in," Magic Star ordered.

Her and the other unicorns readies to use their power to turn the wheels that would pull the drawbridge shut. Already their magic gripped the mechanism.

"Oh, no. Gusty, look out," Parasol called.

"Huh," Gusty looked over her shoulder to see an approaching dragon.

"Heh, here's gust in your eye," she said causing the wind around the dragon's wings to veer it off course and into some trees.

But another dived down and grabbed her in its talons. However, it didn't aim the dive perfectly and had to set down with one foot before starting to take off again. This mistake gave Parasol just enough time to dash out into the open and buck it in the face. It released Gusty, but grabbed Parasol instead and took off into the sky.

"Ah! Help," Fizzy shouted, getting grabbed as well.

Before any other ponies could be nabbed, the rest had entered the castle and drew the bridge shut.

"Sir, the ponies have all retreated into the castle. What are your orders, commander?"

"You two. Take those ponies you've already captured back to Midnight Castle. The rest of us will wait. All good things come to those who wait."

"Sir," the riders bearing Parasol and Fizzy saluted before heading back.

"Whew. That was close. Is anyone else missing?"

"Not as far as I can tell."

"I'm here."


"Yeah, yeah."

"Wait! Where's Firefly," Medley asked, looking around frantically.

"Didn't she come in with the rest of us," Bowtie asked.

"No! She was ahead of me. She should be right here," Medley galloped around looking everywhere.

"Everyone, look for her, now," Magic Star ordered.

"Firefly! Firefly, where are you?"

"She's out there. Look," Bowtie shouted.

She pointed out the window she stood at as the small purple speck disappeared into the distance.

"I've got to get help," Firefly thought, determined.

She headed west, towards the kingdom she had seen from a distance while exploring once before.

"Someone there will help us. I hope."

To be continued…

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