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Monday, May 21, 2012

Chapter 5

My Little Pony


Disclaimer: Nope. And I'd probably have to fight Faust in a gladiator-style arena to get 'em, too.

Firefly shivered as some cool morning air swept in through the cracks between the boards of the old barn. It had been impossible to get warm during the night, but she didn't really mind. She had a new friend. One who had decided her plight was worth taking to the current ruler. Speaking of which…
Her eyes shot open, suddenly remembering why she was here. Firefly lifted her head off the ground where it formerly rested and looked outside through one of the many cracks. The ranch yard was empty. But she could hear the crow of a cock from a nearby farm. She knew she'd have to get moving quickly if she were to meet up with Megan but remain unseen by her family. She leapt to her feet and went over to the barn's entrance. She pushed the door open with her nose and steped out. She could see some nearby hills not far from the road where she could hide and perhaps eat a little. She took to them on foot, quickly, and hid herself there as best she could.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why I'm writing this:

I can't really say that "My Little Pony Chronicles" is a new idea I had. I've had this story in mind for about ten years now.

My experience is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I saw the series on the Disney Channel during reruns in the 90s. Some episodes were actually good, and some...some are The Glass Princess, which was an abomination. Well, during the early 2000s, my sister got back into the show and started watching on the old VHS tapes she had recorded the whole thing (plus The Movie and Tales on). I watched many of them with her when I had nothing else to do, and noticed that a lot of the series had potential to be better.

So I started writing My Little Pony Chronicles, it originally featured just Bernard as the lord already in charge, as well as Frederick and Megan as the three party members. I abandoned it because the only real differences from the original Rescue at Midnight Castle that I made was including the two brothers and extending the journey to Tirac's lair by quite a bit. I always felt ashamed that I did, and the fic never quite faded away from my mind.

Then, nearly ten years later, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic premiered and I heard about it via TVTropes, and decided to check it out. Well, with my interest in the franchise resurrected, I looked back at the fanfiction I had started and decided to begin anew.

My Little Pony Chronicles, Book 1: is based loosely on the original Special, My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle, which premiered in 1984, also known as My Little Pony or Firefly's Adventure. Its actually a pretty kickass special, and I would recommend checking it out. Admittedly, its about ten minutes too short, at least. Frankly, I think Midnight Castle should have been the movie, instead. I kept the basical storyline intact: Tirac needs ponies to pull to his chariot and usher in The Night That Never Ends, has his unwilling slave Scorpan nab some, Firefly goes to get help, returns with help, ponies consult Moochic who gives them what they need, ponies and Megan to go Midnight Castle and kick Tirac's rump. The End.

The next special acted like the previous one never happened, save for a vague reference about how "The Rainbow of Light protects us". It pissed me off, so I am deliberately writing the story so that the entire continent of Eoland will stilll be feeling the punch of Tirac for years to come. Unlike in the series, where what happened previously will not only leave an impact, everything that happens will matter in some way in Chronicles.

As for how I'm adapting the second special, Escape from Catrina, I've decided to deviate from the original plot a lot more than I did with Rescue from Midnight Castle. I'm doing this partially because, well...I kind of already did the whole "Catrina seeks out slaves to make her witch weed potion" plot right in the middle of the Midnight Castle arc in Chronicles. So I'm making a whole new plot. It still has some shades of the original, but the focus is completely different.

Chapter 4

My Little Pony


Disclaimer: Do I own any rights to Hasbro properties? I'm posting this on and a couple of chatrooms I'm a member of. Guess.

Note: This is going to be very dialogue heavy chapter. I swear the action and adventure is coming, but there are a few things that need to be explained coming up, so please bear with me.

Chapter Four:

A Plea for Help

"Enter," Bernard answered the rapping at the office door.

"You said you needed me, milord," Andrew the Chief Librarian asked as he entered.

"Yes, what do you know about talking Pastel ponies?"

"Oh, well, until earlier today I would have told you they were a myth, and that rumor of occasionally seeing flying Pegasus near our Eastern Mountain range float around the villagers, but nothing substantial. They are a few children's fairy tales and toys sold in the market based around them, but not much else is known about them."

"Bring me the reading materials, anyway, if you would please, Andrew. The castle guards all had the same story when asked of seeing the flying equine today. Obviously, there is some truth to this."

"Here you go, milord," Andrew laid the texts down on the desk in front of Bernard. "I had a feeling our earlier visitor was what you wanted to see me about."

"Thank you, Andrew. Forgive me if I have interrupted any of your duties, you are dismissed."

"Milord," Andrew bowed and left.

"And Andrew."

"Yes, milord?"

"Send a scribe up. My generals have just sent in our armies' current numbers. Tell him I have some enlistment papers they need to copy and have sent out to all the villages and other properties."
Andrew cocked an eyebrow. "That bad, milord?"

"We currently have a thousand strong, with some additional help coming from our west borders to block off the escape routes of our people after they have crossed over. Before Tirac gets here, we will need to have additional troops and militia trained and ready to fight."

"Yes, milord. I will be sure to tell the scribes on my back to the library."

"Thank you, Andrew. Now that will be all."

Andrew bowed again and left the young lord alone again.

After a moment of putting the finish touches on the enlistment papers, Bernard picked up one of the old fairy tale books. He shook his head at himself as he began reading the tale of how a pony produced an offspring by wishing on a mirror.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The History of the World: Part Deux

My Little Pony
Author's Interruption:
This is a special little side thing in which I compile everything I have constructed so far for the Eoland setting. Reference this guide if you ever have a question about how the world this monster of a fanfic takes place in.
First things first, you DO NOT need to read this at all. It just occurred to me that having this might be nice if you ever feel the need to refresh your memory on certain things and you don't want to have to search high and low through the chapters. I will update this as needed. It is very incomplete at this point, but I will fill in the gaps with in updated versions of this thing as time goes on.

Chapter 3

My Little Pony


Disclaimer: Yep. I own the rights, but decided not to make a show out of it, but rather post a story about it online where people could read it for free, instead of making tons of money off it. Naturally, my college business class teacher often pulled his hair at my results.

Chapter Three:

Destined Meetings

"Raise the drawbridge," Wind Whistler called.

"But Magic Star and North star are still out there," Twilight exclaimed. "We can't—"

"They've surrendered themselves over willingly. Look."

Twilight closed her eyes to concentrate, then teleported onto walkway of the front wall. Sure enough, the two ponies allowed themselves to be picked up and flown away by the dragonriders.

"They've left us! They left us," Truly gasped.

"But observe, the dragonriders are all leaving," Wind Whistler said. "Could they merely have required four ponies?"

"Once they're out of sight, I'm going after Firefly," Medley whispered to the scholarly Pegasus.

"That's hardly in form with your usual cautious character."

"Firefly's my friend. I should have been right after her from the beginning," Medley guiltily replied.

"Just four," Ember asked Twilight.

"I guess. I don't know what's going on, Ember, but we'll find out soon enough."

"Just four? Then why send an army to come after us? I don't get this," Gusty hollered.

"Do you think they'll be back," Shady asked.

"Count on it. Dark lords never just let things be. Tirac would have us for slaves before he's done."

"But we're just little ponies? What use could he get out of us," Shady asked.

"Better miserable slaves, then any free spirits running loose," Paradise explained.

The white Pegasus looked at the earth mare's confused look.

"I know it doesn't make sense, but that's what lust for power does to someone. Enough will never be enough."

"That's usually when you bite off more than you can chow," Heart Throb said.

"Well, yes, all tyrants fall eventually, but when is the question, and will it be before he's had his way with Dream Valley," Paradise asked.

No one had an answer for that one.

"Well, then. I suggest we use the time we still have to weigh and measure our current situation. Then implement a plan of action," Wind Whistler.

"I second that," Galaxy spoke up. "We have to defend ourselves, find out what Tirac wants with our friends, and save them."

"Right, so let's get thinking," Twilight said.

The light purple unicorn used her magic to levitate a pen and scroll to write down whatever they came up with. The ponies gathered and began discussing their options.

"I'd feel better about this if Magic Star were still here. She usually leads us," came from Shady.
"Could she really have asked any of us to take her place," Galaxy asked.

Chapter 2

My Little Pony


Disclaimer: Considering how doubtful it is that I could ever have come up with something as brilliant as "Friendship is Magic", you should be happy I don't own any rights to MLP.
Thanks, Wild!

Chapter Two:

Firefly's Journey

It was nightfall in Dongard. In fact, it was a rather peaceful one at that. A slight breeze chilled the air as crickets played their melodies, breaking empty silence. It was almost deceptively peaceful. You wouldn't think this land was on the brink of invasion and disaster on such a night.

"Good night, dearie. You head straight home now, you hear. You never know when Tirac's hordes will come," an elderly maid said to the girl, Megan.

"Oh, Trell, I'll be just fine, but yes, I am heading straight home. See you tomorrow," the girl waved goodbye.

"Ai, see you, Meg."

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chapter 1

My Little Pony
Book One:
Disclaimer: I don't own any My Little Pony intellectual properties. You can sue me Hasbro, but you can only squeeze so much from one Wal-Mart shelf stacker.

Author's Notes: This is my retelling of the entire 80s series, starting with Rescue from Midnight Castle and going all the way to the end and beyond. Basically, I'm going to tie all the ponies together. For examples, we're going to have ponies from the Rescue from Midnight Castle bunch in with members of the Escape from Catrina and TV show groups, so we'll have Firefly conversing with Wind Whistler and Sundance hanging with Shady so on and so forth.

Also, I'm reworking some of the mechanics of how Ponyland works. For one thing, I'm doing away with the name Ponyland and it will be called Eoland. "Eo" is an old word for "horse", which Tolkien used for the names of a couple of his characters, Eomer and Eowyn. Yeah, yeah, that means it's still technically named "horseland", but Eoland still sounds better than Ponyland in my opinion.

I'm dividing each story arc up into a different "Book", with this being the beginning. I don't want this mammoth being daunting to read. Also, this is my first fanfic, so please be gentle.